Painting #10 of 50: "Birch Tower"

Birches in winter

Thursday, February 21, 2013: It was a quick 5 minute hike up to the tower at Ethan Allen Park. The temperature was about 23 degrees F with a fierce wind, but the tower proved to be a great wind break. Jacquie was experiencing some freezing of the watercolors on her paper. I had this same challenge 2/4/13m but this time around I just dipped my brush in the hot water from my thermos and did not mix colors on the palette. I put colors on my brush from the paint wells then directly onto my paper with limited water. I didn't experience any "slushy" consistency of paints until just before finishing the painting. I only had one piece of watercolor paper taped up for a long narrow panoramic view, yet up by the tower the panoramic view was way too windy to paint. So I turned it into a super tall, narrow vertical of birch trees. Very unconventional shape for me!

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Welcome to Libby Davidson's Painting Blog

I am currently entering blogs from my 50 Project back in 2013-2014 as a way of sharing photos and journal entries of my plein air watercolor painting experiences. Lots of stories in the field through all seasons and all sorts of weather here in Vermont beyond. Hoping to get caught up to share more recent paintings.

If you have interest in viewing or purchasing my paintings, please email or call me. I plan to add a gallery section to this site soon to make it easier for you to see the many paintings I have available for sale.

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Libby Davidson