Painting #10 of 50: "Birch Tower"

Birches in winter

Thursday, February 21, 2013: It was a quick 5 minute hike up to the tower at Ethan Allen Park. The temperature was about 23 degrees F with a fierce wind, but the tower proved to be a great wind break. Jacquie was experiencing some freezing of the watercolors on her paper. I had this same challenge 2/4/13m but this time around I just dipped my brush in the hot water from my thermos and did not mix colors on the palette. I put colors on my brush from the paint wells then directly onto my paper with limited water. I didn't experience any "slushy" consistency of paints until just before finishing the painting. I only had one piece of watercolor paper taped up for a long narrow panoramic view, yet up by the tower the panoramic view was way too windy to paint. So I turned it into a super tall, narrow vertical of birch trees. Very unconventional shape for me!


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