Painting #10 of 50: "Birch Tower"

Birches in winter

Thursday, February 21, 2013: It was a quick 5 minute hike up to the tower at Ethan Allen Park. The temperature was about 23 degrees F with a fierce wind, but the tower proved to be a great wind break. Jacquie was experiencing some freezing of the watercolors on her paper. I had this same challenge 2/4/13m but this time around I just dipped my brush in the hot water from my thermos and did not mix colors on the palette. I put colors on my brush from the paint wells then directly onto my paper with limited water. I didn't experience any "slushy" consistency of paints until just before finishing the painting. I only had one piece of watercolor paper taped up for a long narrow panoramic view, yet up by the tower the panoramic view was way too windy to paint. So I turned it into a super tall, narrow vertical of birch trees. Very unconventional shape for me!

Painting #9 of 50: "Ethan Allen Homestead"

Friday, February 15, 2013: Went to Ethan Allen Homestead with the purpose of painting snow while we still had it. Temps in the upper 30's this week have diminished the snow cover. Though most fields there had more grass than snow, we discovered a snow covered field in front of Ethan Allen's restored home. Most of my time was spent sketching the house and trees. Realizing this, I exclaimed "I need to get out my brushes!" Even then, I spent a lot of time painting the details of the house and said "Enough! Time for a BIG brush!" That finally loosened me up to paint foreground dried grasses and fence post in quick fashion to save the painting from being too tight. Geese flew overhead in "V" formation, so I quickly included them.

Painting #8 of 50: "Winter Day in the Intervale"

Winter in Burlington Intervale

 Monday, February 4, 2013: Decided to try out this path off North Avenue in Burlington that leads down to the Sea Caves. Easy hike down a very wide path to the bottom. Could have brought skates as the ice on the marsh was perfect! Temp started out at 24 degrees F but then dropped to 19 degrees F by the time we finished. Right from the start, I was having interesting challenges. The paint on my mixing palette was the consistency of a slushy. I tried putting hot water in my spray bottle, but the plastic started to melt. I did manage to use it to spray my paints in the wells quite often, yet it was still freezing up as I mixed colors. On the paper I had some success early on, then freezing pretty much on contact. When my painting eventually melted (back home), the cattails in the foreground changed considerably as the colors mingled.




Come to the Champlain Valley Fair 2014!

Come join me at the Artists Reception this Wednesday August 27th, 2014 5:30 - 6:30 pm at the Champlain Valley Fair (Essex Jct, VT) in the Blue Ribbon Pavilion, which is aptly named as I found that I won the blue ribbon in Watercolors for my "View from Above", which I painted at the Jericho Plein Air Festival. My watercolors "Celebrating Books" (#1 of my 50 Project paintings) and "Celebrating Shells" are also at the Fair exhibit available for sale. Each year nearly 1,000 pieces of art are featured in this impressive show! Can't come Wednesday? Check it out anytime during Fair hours through August 31st. I also have my advent calendars, kids' items and Malletts Bay October notecards for sale there in the exhibit hall.




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